Controlled by electronic PLC and configured by LCD touch screen monitor, this hydraulic/pneumatic pressurization skid could store test data, set-points, times and leak limits .
The pressure set-point is automatically reached, leak is measured by electric bubbles counter and vacuum pump can ensure absence of air in the valve’s body. The wet test items are made of stainless steel and is dimensioned to take pressure up to 700 bar.
High reliability is assured by metal to metal needle and it has a high filling flow ability.
The reports of test can be obtained without external PC by 24cln thermal printer.
Valve test bench, banchi di prova per valvole, test rig - MODEL SKA-100/S
Max working pressure  
H2O 700 / 1050 / 1380 / 1600 bar
N2 / He -
Air - (SHV model : 0.998 / 0 bar)
Filling flow 70 L/min (from external line)
Pressurization Power 0,4 / 1,5 HP
Vacuum pump opt. 36 m3 /h
Backseat test Not available
Seat over pressure test Not available
Operation HP test Not available
DBB test opt. Not available
GAS Test opt. Not available
GAS Booster opt. Not available
CAVITY test opt Not available
Multistation opt. Not available
Actuator control panel opt. Not available
ATEX certification opt. Not available
Fluid allowed Water, Water & oil mixture, Glicole, Ethanol (Atex), Methanol (Atex).
Control system PLC/LCD touch screen 7"
Printer opt. Not available
Ref. Standard API \ DIN \ BS \ FCI other on request
Eternet Interface RJ45 10-100BASE-T
Certification software Option TestREC
Tele service VNP router Not included
Leakage detection:  
Air ANSI Bubbler, Bubbles counter, Volumetric bubbler, Mass flowmeters
Water Water Column, Digital water column, Turbines flowmeters, accordin client preferences
Service air supply 7 bar @ 2000L/min
Other available on request.
Electrical supply 3ph+T 400V@50Hz 2.2KW
Other available on request.
Dimensions (mech) 500(L) x 1000(D) x 700(H)