MODEL SkMM-100/cryo


Automatic skid for endurance test on trunnion mounted ball valves. System supply a total leakage flow of 0.7L/min (0,5 L/min on downstream side + 0,2 L/min from cavity).
Control System will beinterfaced directly to a axial piston motor able to perform open/close movement on valve under test with adjustable torque.
Cycling is controlled by PLC and a configuration LCD touch screen.
Valve test bench, banchi di prova per valvole, test rig - MODEL SKMM-100/CRYO
Max Working pressure N2 1050 bar
Min Working pressure N2 0.5 bar
GAS Booster opt 150:1
ATEX certification opt. Available
Process valve "Metal to metal" needle valve & "soft seat" bypass valve
Process style Unidirectional
HP Fluid allowed GAS (N2, He, AIR)
Control system Manual valve & Electrical lighted pushbuttons
installed on graphical synoptic panel
Pressure measure 4-20mA Pressure transmitter+7-seg Digital Display
Temperature measure N°5 TC K type & 7-seg Digital Display
Ref. Standard BS-6364 (CRYO TEST)
Serial Interface RS-485 MODBUS PROTOCOL
Certification software TestREC3.0-M
Leakage detection AIR / GAS ANSI Bubbler, Bubbles counter. Volumetric bubbler.
Process Connections NPT 1/2"-F, HP 1/4"
Service air supply 7bar @ 2000 L/min Other available on request
Electrical supply 2Ph+T 220V@50Hz 1KW Other available on request
Dimensions 700(L) x 1120(P) x 1120(H)