Test rig for pipes; Proportional Pressing clamping style. It has two reaction columns with sector to setting up maximum pipe length.
Reaction bridge is moved by hydraulic command.
Pipe load is made vertically with over head traveling crane, and final positioning is made by three lifter with centering/calibrating device included. In the basement there is water tank protected by a step able grate. Pressurization skid control clamping with proportional.
The rig is controlled by SKA- 1000 pressurization skid; to have more information about please consult dedicated technical data sheets. The rig could be completed with several options and accessories, please contact our sales office to have more information.
Valve test bench, banchi di prova per valvole, test rig - MODEL BOT-2VS/600

Reaction power 600 TON
Clamping type #2:External radial
Max pipe length 7100 mm
Min pipe length 1500 mm
Max pipe Ø 1020 mm
Distance center pipe to soil 1550 mm
Basement water vessel 6000 L
Reference standard ASTM B862, ASTM B 861
Max Test pressure 700 / 1050 bar
Filling Flow 500 L/min
Pre-filling vacuum 160 m /h
Pneumatic supply 6.5 bar @ 1100 Nl/min
Dry air not lubricated
Electrical supply 3PH + T, 380V@50Hz, 5KW
Dimensions 9700(L) x 2500(P) x 2180(H)