Vacuum/Pressurization SKID

SKID for micro-leakage HELIUM tests for castings.
It has been designed to control full automatic clamping rigs based on overpressure leak tests of "Integral Method – Vacuum Hood Test".
Casting is pressurized at low pressure with helium (5 bar abs) and a vacuum chamber which is evacuated by an auxiliary pump and which is connected to a leak detector (spectrometer) used as the hood.
The search gas escaping through leaks is converted into electrical signals which are immediately displayed.
This method allows the detection of very small leaks and is especially suited for automatic industrial leak detection.
The skid includes a pre-test by air pressure drop to verify the absence of macro-leakages and an evacuation service pump removes the air from test pieces and recovers helium (option).
Valve test bench, banchi di prova per valvole, test rig - MODEL SKA-100/He
High vaccum Pump
(Vaccum Hood)
75 m3 /h @ 5x10-3mbar MAX
Service vacuum pump 40 m3 /h @ 0.5 mbar
Max working pressure 1050 bar
Smallest detectable leak 1 x 10-7 mbar l s-1 (other on rquest)
Electric supply 3PH + T,400V@50Hz, 10KW
Dimensions (mech) 600 (L) x 1300 (D) x 1700 (H)