Model BV-M/60 LAB & SKMM-100

Pressure safety valve test rig.
4 claws clamping. 60TON vertical test rig & pressurization skid.

Workshop unit build into 40 feets container. Mobile valve repairing workshop, equipped with a complete tools set to repair & test valve onsite.
The unit makes available all supply lines (electrical & pneumatic) for a complete mechanical workshop with testing units included.Generators are installed in separate container area, accessible from outside through roller shutter doors, and mounted on sliding brackets for easy access and maintenance.
It has 160x160 H-Beam structure, about 1 Ton capacity over head crane with sliding beam running on container full length.
A Swing out crane installed on entrance door ensure best access ability to the equipment.Here following the available equipment inside the workshops:
valve test bench BVM60LAB
DN. 1'' 2'' 3'' 4'' 6'' 8'' 10' 12" 14" 16"
BAR 700 700 452 340 191 122 85 62 43 35

High Pressure air compressor up to 300 bar with 150 L
reservoir tank. Surge tank 200 L for blow down supply

Reaction force 60 TON
(See working limits table)
Working pressures 450 bar Hydro test & GAS test
Ø flange max 530 / 650 / 860mm
Ø flange min 90mm
Flange thickness max 90mm
Tilt angle FIXED (no tiltable)
Basement water tank 200l
Terminations allowed RF, RJ
Clamp type control Hydraulic cylinder w/claws Clamping force On/Off type
Range 6..60 TON
Reference standard ISO, API, ASME, ASTM
Pneumatic supply 6.5 bar @ 1100 Nl/min Dry air not lubricated
Electric supply 3PH + T380V@50Hz, 2KW