Pressurization skid dedicated to small size PSV calibration procedures.
It has a water reservoir inside the during tests performance.
A fine regulation for water or gas pressurizations completes the standard furniture.
"T" bolts guide for manual claws clamping is foreseen.
An armoured full surroundings fairings system ensures operator safety (flag or vertical opening).
Valve test bench, banchi di prova per valvole, test rig - MODEL SKMM-100/PSV

Woking limits with CLAWS CLAMPING
DN 1" 2" 3" 4"
bar 226 127 75 56

Reaction force 10 TON
(See working limits table)
Flange max diameter 300mm
Flange min diameter 90mm
Seat lift measure 0-100mm
Contact less 0-70 mm ± 0,05 mm
Flange thickness max 40mm
Tilting angle FIXED (not tiltable)
Terminations allowed RF, RJ
Clamping force control type 5 DIN T-Bolts
Reference standard ISO, API, ANSI, ASTM
Pneumatic supply 6.5 bar @ 1100 Nl/min
Dry air not lubricated
Electrical supply 3PH + G 380V@50Hz, 2KW
Dimensions (mech) 700 (L) x 1250 (D) x 1900 (H)