COMPLETE UNIT FOR FIRE SAFE TEST according to API-607 / API 589 / API – 6FA PRESSURIZATION SKID for FIRE SAFE TEST according to API-607 / API 589 / API – 6FA This pressurization skid has all process equipment to perform
FIRE SAFE test on valve with stem packing or quarter turn shutoff valves. It has up to 8 thermocouples with calorimeter cubes (where necessary).
Internal water reservoir of 120L. max working pressure 1600 bar.
Full digital report through RS232 MODBUS RTU connection, data collection with certification software TestREC5.2-M.
Valve test bench, banchi di prova per valvole, test rig - MODEL SKMM-100/FS
Allowed fluids Plenty water
Water reservoir internal 120L
Max working pressure 700/ 1050/ 1380/ 1600 bar
Filling flow 70L/min
Air driven booster ratio 1:100/ 1:150/ 1:225 / 1:250
Reference std API-607 / API-589 / API-6FA
Temperature measure Nr. 8 TC type K with Digital display
Pressure measure Nr. 2 pressure transmitters with Digital Display.
Water level measure Nr. 1 Pressure transmitter with Digital Display