Horizontal test rig with double claws clamping and tiltable on a site.
The right hand-side is movable to adjust to valves length.
Claws clamping can be performed only on flanged valves.
It allows testing of mechanical stress on flange neck during test performance.
Besides, the clamping force has no influence on valve seat behaviour during test, due to the absence of external forces applied.
The rig is controlled by SKA-100 pressurization skid; to have more information about it please consult dedicated technical data sheets.
The rig could be completed with several options and accessories, please contact our sales office to have more information.
Valve test bench, banchi di prova per valvole, test rig - MODEL BOR-M-350
* Working limits for SHELL TEST with CLAWS CLAMPING
  DN 4" 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" 28" 30"
ANSI-150 TON                            
ANSI-300 TON                            
ANSI-600 TON                            
ANSI-900 TON                            
ANSI-1500 TON                            
ANSI-2500 TON                            
ANSI-4500 TON                            

Reaction force (See working limits table) 350 TON (See working limits table)
Length max 2200 mm
Length Min 500 mm
Flange diameter max 1200 mm
Flange diameter min 120 mm
Flange thickness max 150 mm
Flange thickness min 0 mm
Flow axis height 1180 mm
Basement water vessel 1000 Liters ca.
Terminations allowed RF, RJ
Clamping style Type 6 – Double claws clamping
Dimensions (mech) 4460(L) x 2300(D) x 1930(H)