Fully automatic vertical test rig with controlled pressing clamp; the press force is controlled automatically according to the water pressure inside valve, and the result load is reduced to minimal terms. It has a 90° hydraulic actuator, that let it move the valve accord to the test sequence. The high resolution differential pressure drop leak detection is used to measure leak rate according to DIN 12266-1 for GAS leakage. A mobile loading plate makes loading operations simple. A mobile vertical protection assures operator's safety in case of seal blow. An electronic PLC control all test operations, and the operator has a LCD touch screen monitor to set-up test sequence.
Valve test bench, banchi di prova per valvole, test rig - MODEL BV-CCV/20
DN. 50'' 100'' 125'' 150'' 200''

Reaction force20 TON (see working limits table)
Length max505mm
Length min30mm
DN min ? MAXDN20...DN200
Loading height900mm
Water tank220 LitersExternal
Terminations allowedBW, SW, RF, RJ
Clamping styleType 1Proportional Compression (flange surface)
Clamping force controlAutomatic within 5..100% interval, proportional to the hydrostatic pressure inside the valve under test. Reg. gain controlled by the operator.
Reference standardISO, DIN, API, ANSI, ASTM, FCI, BS(Other on request)
Hydraulic testH2O w/oil 5% , 3-40bar(200bar, 650bar, as option)
Pneumatic test0,5 - 6 bar
Pneumatic supply6.5 bar @ 1100 Nl/minDry air not lubricated
Electric supply3PH + T, 380V@50Hz, 5KW
Dimensions1550(L) x 1050(P) x 2250(H)