Vertical test rig with controlled pressing clamp; press force is automatically controlled according to the water pressure inside valves, and the result load is reduced to minimal terms.
The mobile upper side bridge allows vertical loading of valves and the possibility to have double working stands; while the first is working, the second could be prepared for the next valves.
In the basement there is a water vessel and an external water vessel could be added as option.
The use of an open castle as an upper side reaction structure allows the user to make visual inspections of valve seats during the test.
The rig has an armored glass protection on 3 sides according EN1063.
The front side can be closed by a mobile horizontal sliding gate (optional).
Upper side crociera is equipped with a fast connection (photo 2) for sealing plateau, and a mounting tool is included as well (photo 1).
The rig is controlled by a SKA-100 pressurization skid; to have more information about it please consult dedicate technical data sheets.
The rig could be completed with several options and accessories, please contact our sales office to have more information.
Valve test bench, banchi di prova per valvole, test rig - MODEL BV-PMC/650


  DN 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 24" 26" 28" 30" 32" 36" 40" 42" 48"
ANSI-150 TON                            
ANSI-300 TON                            
ANSI-600 TON                            
ANSI-900 TON                            
ANSI-1500 TON                            
ANSI-2500 TON                            

Reaction force (See working limits table) 650TON (10% minimum press clamping)
(See working limits table)
Working stands 1(2 on request)
Allowed sizes DN700/DN2000PN16/PN64
Length max 1250mm
Length min 200mm
Column inner distance 1600mm
Loading height 1000mm
Bridge course 1300mm
Basement water vessel 220 Liters (only for spilled water not for storage)
Terminations allowed RF, RJ
Clamping style Type 1 - Proportional press Clamping
Clamping force control Automatic within 10..100% interval, proportional to hydrostatic pressure inside the valve under test.
Protection against water jet Armoured glass on 3 side according En1063 + front door on request
Dimensions 2350(L) x 2900(P) x 4240(H)