Horizontal test bench with proportional press clamping. Pressing force is automatically set upon valve size and class and it is even proportionally modulated according to test rising pressure.
The valve is inserted into a fairing to ensure the best safety level for operator, at the bottom side there auto centering "V" support that let the operator center perfectly the valve flow axes whit the test bench.
This rig shape makes it perfect for BUTTERFLY valves testing. Test process components are integrated into the ring fairing. Test bench is controlled by a PLC and LCD for automatic test performing.
valve test bench BO-C/90SH

  DN 4" 6" 8" 10" 12"
ANSI-150 TON          
ANSI-300 TON          
ANSI-600 TON          
ANSI-900 TON          

*Note: Showed data has been calculated considering SHELL TEST pressure and nominal minimum bore size ANSI + 80mm (LUG Valves).
For further details please contact our technical department. Table refer to mechanical LOAD only, compatibility about general valve dimension has to be verified.

Note: Safety perimetric protection available as option - Bunker or Pit assembly asset available as option.

Reaction force 90 TON
(See working limits table)
Length max 100 mm
Length min 40 mm
Max flange diameter 500 mm
Flow axes height 990 mm
Loading Height from the ground 650 Litres
Terminations allowed RF
Clamping style Type 1 – Proportional Press
Dimensions 1500 (L) x 700 (P) x 1300 (H)