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  • SKC-100

    Automatic skid for endurance tests on trunnion mounted ball valves. The system supplies a total leakage flow of 0.7L/min (0,5...
  • SKMM-100/FS

    PRESSURIZATION SKID for FIRE SAFE TEST according to API-607 / API-589 / API–6FA.
  • SKMM-100/HC

    Pressurization skid able to control hyperbaric chamber. Up to 10000 m dept simulation, with 40L volume compesation with high pressure...
  • SKMM-100/UHP

    Ultra high pressure hydraulic pressurization skid
  • SKMM-100/UHP2

    Ultra high pressure hydraulic pressurization skid
  • SKA-100/GAS

    Automatic pressurization skid for bunker testing bay. It is installed inside a bunker, but it is controlled by a console outside...
  • BO-CV/40SA

    Think'PC PROGETTI New test unit designed to perform high speed API / DIN full valve test procedures directly on 2...