Cryogenic & Helium microleakage test benches

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  • SKMA-100/CRYO

    Helium pressurization skid dedicated to cryogenic temperature leakage tests.
  • SKMM-50/TC + CV

    Cryogenic test vessel is now available with temperature control panel.
  • BV-5C-He/10

    Vertical test bench with press clamping system for 5 valves ports (included inner seat). It is able to perform Helium...
  • BV-C-He/30

    Vertical test with a press clamping system. It is able to perform helium microleakage test.
  • SKA-100/He

    SKID for micro-leakage HELIUM tests for castings. It has been designed to control full automatic clamping rigs based on overpressure...