Pressurization skid for cryo temperature gas test

Helium pressurization skid dedicated to cryogenic temperature leakage tests.
Local instrumentation with/of 5 temperatures inside test vessel is included.
Test is performed as requested by BS-6364 standard.
A Serial interface channel allows the user to connect a personal computer to TestREC-CRYO certification software installed.

*Standard version is described. Test benches can be customized in any technical aspect in accord to client peferences.(Patent Pending)

  • Max working pressure N21050 bar
  • Min working pressure N20.5 bar
  • GAS Booster opt150:1
  • Process valve"Metal to metal" needle valve & "soft seat" bypass valve
  • Process styleBidirectional
  • HP Fluid allowedHelium (He)
  • Control systemManual valve & Electrical lighted pushbuttons installed on graphical synoptic panel
  • Pressure measure4-20mA Pressure transmitter+7-seg Digital Display
  • Temperature measureN°5 TC K type & 7-seg Digital Display
  • Ref. StandardBS-6364 (CRYO TEST)
  • Serial InterfaceRS-485 MODBUS PROTOCOL
  • Certification softwareTestREC - CRYO
  • Seat leakage detection GASVolumetric bubbler
  • Process ConnectionsMP 1/4"
  • Service air supply7bar @ 2000 L/min Other available on request
  • Electrical supply2Ph+T 220V@50Hz 1KW Other available on request
  • Dimensions (mech)700(L) x 1120(D) x 1120(H)