Hyberbaric chamber pressurization skid

Pressurization skid able to control hyperbaric chamber.
Up to 10000 m dept simulation, with 40L volume compesation with high pressure accumulators.
PSV protection on max depth. GAS & Water test facilities included.
Automatic Filling/Recovering of water into hyperbaric chamber.

*Standard version is described. Test benches can be customized in any technical aspect in accord to client peferences.(Patent Pending)

  • Simulated depth300M, 1000m, 4500 m, 7000 m, 10000 m
  • Compensated volume10L / 40L / 200L
  • Gas testUp to 1000 bar
  • Water testUp to 2000 bar
  • Filling flow120 L / 470 L / 910 L min
  • Dimension600(L) x 1150(P) x 1500(H)