Hydraulic/pneumatic pressurization skid.
Controlled by electrical pushbutton on a graphicalsynoptic panel or manual needle valves (GAS). Everyprocess element is controlled directly by the operator;main safety garrison for wrong maneuvers has beenincluded. This make the SKID very flexible to any testing procedure. Leak could be measured (option) byelectronic bubbles counter, high accuracy water column(API) , turbine flow meter and mass flow meter(FCI 70-2) . Vacuum pump could be installed (option)to assure the absence of air inside valve’s bodybefore filling it with water; in order to reduce test timeand increase operator’s safety. All wet processcomponents are stainless steel made anddimensioned for a working pressure of 700bar.
It has a high filling flow ability and the recoveringof test fluid is automatic. Metal to metal needlevalves assure high reliability. A PC windows basedfor data recording could be included,instrumentation supplied with MODBUS serialinterface protocol (TestREC2.0-M).

*Standard version is described. Test benches can be customized in any technical aspect in accord to client peferences.(Patent Pending)

  • N2N2 60 / 200/ 700 bar contemporary
  • AirAIR 60 / 200 bar contemporary
  • GAS Booster optAvailable
  • CAVITY testAvailable
  • ATEX certification opt.Available
  • Process styleBidirectional
  • HP Fluid allowedGAS (N2, He)
  • Control systemManual valve & Electrical lighted pushbuttons installed on graphical synoptic panel
  • Pressure measure4-20mA pressure trasmitter +7-seg Digital Display
  • Ref. StandardAPI / DIN / BS /FCI
  • Serial InterfaceRS-485 MODBUS PROTOCOL
  • Certification softwareOption TestREC
  • AIR / GASANSI Bubbler, Bubbles counter, Volumetric bubbler.
  • Process ConnectionsNPT 1/2"-F / HP 1/4"-F / HP 3/8"-F
  • Service air supply7bar @ 2000 L/min Other available on request
  • Electrical supply2Ph+G 220V@50Hz 1KW Other available on request
  • Dimensions1000 (L) x 1280 (D) x 2000 (H) Bullet proof class BR6 dim. 900 (L) x 700 (D) x 700 (H)