Five station tiltable rig with Single/Double claws clamping with a floor claws clamping unit. Clamping can be performed only on flanged valves.
It allows the verification of mechanical stress on flange necks during testing. Besides, the clamping force has no influence on valve seat behaviour during test, due to the absence of external forces applied.
There are different pressure targets for each station VISUAL test on valve seat during test is facilitated.

The rig is controlled by a SKMA-100 pressurization skid; to have more information about it please consult dedicated technical data sheets.

Note: Safety perimetric protection available as option - Bunker or Pit assembly asset available as option

valve test bench BOR-5M/20P

Working limits for SHELL TEST with CLAWS CLAMPING

  DN 15 20 32 40 50 80 100 125 150 200
PN-6 TON                    
PN-10 TON                    
PN-16 TON                    
PN-25 TON                    
PN-40 TON                    
PN-63 TON                    

Reaction force 5 x 20 TON
Max Flange Ø 400 mm
Min Flange Ø 90 mm
Flange thickness max 10/65mm
Tilt angle 0° - 90°
Basement water vessel 500 Liters
Terminations allowed RF, RJ
Clamping style Type 5 / 6 – Claws / Double Claws
Dimensions (mech) 5405 (L) x 1850 (P) x 1040 (H)