Vertical test bench with proportional press clamping. Valve clamping is performed by an hydraulic cylinder with proportional control. Operator safety is granted by full surrounding protection guarding with bullets proof crystal to offer perfect visual inspection. The opening of the fence is ruled by a control system to reduce operator risk exposure to minimum terms. The test process is controlled by an automatic asset.
Note: Safety perimetric protection available as option - Bunker or Pit assembly asset available as option.
valve test bench BV-C/30SH

Working limits for PRESS CLAMPING

  1/4'' 3/8'' 9/16''
10K PSI      
15K PSI      
20K PSI      
30K PSI      
60K PSI      

Reaction force 30 TON (see working limits table)
Valve length max 150 mm
Valve length min 0 mm
Clearance between column 600 mm
Loading height from soil 1280 mm
Terminations allowed RF, RJ, Screwed port, MP, HP, UHP
Clamping style Type 1 – Proportional Pressing.
Dimensions (mech) 2172 (L) x 880 (D) x 2061 (H)