Mobile bridge universal clamping

Vertical test rig with universal clamping system; all valve termination kinds and even 90° shape valves can be clamped.
In case of press clamping, the force is automatically controlled proportionally to the water pressure inside the valve and the result load is reduced to minimal terms.
The mobile upper side bridge allows vertical loading of the valve with a crane.
In the basement there is a water vessel and an external water vessel could be added as an option.
A full surrounding armored fairing system ensure operator safety during test.
Process equipment can be self-contained with a control console only or any standard pressurization skid can be added (SKA class).

*Standard version is described. Test benches can be customized in any technical aspect in accord to client peferences.(Patent Pending)

  • Reaction force100 TON (see working limits table)
  • Valve length max700 mm
  • Valve length min0 mm
  • DN min-maxDN ½" - 12" (on request up to 24")
  • Max valve flange diameterØ 530 mm
  • Loading height910 mm
  • Basement water vessel220 Liters
  • Terminations allowedALL
  • Clamping styleType 4 - universal
  • Press Clamping force controlAutomatic within 10%-100% interval, proportional to hydrostatic pressure inside the valve untder test.
  • Dimensions (mech)1420 (L) x 2000 (D) x 3110 (H)