Double sectorized columns and proportional press clamping

Test rigs for pipes with clamping style Nr. 1 “Proportional press”.
Reaction bridges are connected by sector columns, that allow to set up maximum pipe length.
The fine adjustment on pipes is performed by the pressing cylinder stroke.
The right side reaction bridge is able to run on the entire columns length to cover a wide range of pipe length measures, as described in the technical table below.
Pipe loading is performed by a crane from the top, while Nr. 4 hydraulic “Lunette” lifters will support it for the entire test and they are able to center the alignment on seals heads, and “keep” it to avoid its bending during tests.
The basement includes a water vessel with an evaporation limit device.
The test bench does not need any foundations and is controlled by a SKA class pressurization skid with up to 1000 L/min water filling ability.
To have more information about it please consult dedicated technical data sheets.
The rig could be completed with several options and accessories.

*Standard version is described. Test benches can be customized in any technical aspect in accord to client peferences.(Patent Pending)

  • Reaction power1200 TON
  • Clamping styleType 1: Proportional pressing
  • Max pipe length12500 mm
  • Min pipe length2000 mm
  • Max pipe diameter1250 mm
  • Allowed elliptical error0,5%
  • Flow axes height1770 mm
  • Basement water vessel14000 Liters
  • Max Test pressure700 / 1050 bar
  • Filling Flow1000 Liters/min
  • Pre-filling vacuum160 m /h
  • Pneumatic supply6.5 bar @ 1500 Nl/min Dry air not lubricated
  • Dimensions15000(L) x 2720(P) x 2650(H)