claws clamping with protection perimeter and 90° tiltability

Test rig with claws clamping.
Test of RF or RTJ valves could be executed in real working conditions.
The clamping is of hydraulic on/off type.
This prerogative makes it suitable for PSV valves and for flow valves.
The auto-centering movement of claws and tilting is hydraulically or pneumatically controlled (as option).
In the basement there is a vessel for test fluid and additional vessels are available.
The tilting ability of clamping plateau improves product loading capability, and allows the bullets proof protection fairing to ensure best operator safety level.
It can be controlled by a standard pressurization skid; in the picture you can see mod. SKMM-100-G.

*Standard version is described. Test benches can be customized in any technical aspect in accord to client peferences.(Patent Pending)

  • Reaction force90 TON (See working limits table)
  • Flange max diameter530 / 650 / 860mm
  • Flange min diameter90mm
  • Seat lift measure0-100mm
  • Contact less sensor0-70 mm ± 0,05 mm
  • Flange thickness max140mm
  • Tilting angle0° + 90°
  • Basement water vessel200 Liters
  • Terminations allowedRF, RJ
  • Clamp typeType 5 - Hydraulic cylinder w/claws
  • Clamping force controlOn/Off type
  • Range10..100%
  • Reference standardISO, API, ANSI, ASTM
  • Dimensions (mech)1465(L) x 2100(P) x 1900(H)