Horizontal test rig with COMBINED clamping style. Both styles are available: Bore plugs & Proportional press clamping.
Max reaction power 3000 TON.
Basement is equipped with two lifters trolleys, able to support valves up to 120 ton.
The mobile reaction bridge is moved by two screwed columns (@ 30° from soil ) that assure complete absence of external forces on valve body in case of “bore plugs” clamping style. An hydraulic cylinder installed on the fixed bridge allows tests on flanged valves, using proportional modulation of pressing clamp effort.
This prerogative makes it compliant to the most widespread international test standards
Test bench designed to be inserted in testing pit surrounded by heavy armored bullets proofing safety perimeter, where all dangerous sources are confided into bubker protection, while the control is located outside dangerous area (bunker asset).
The rig is controlled by SKA-1000 pressurization skid.
The system is controlled by electronic PLC and LCD touch screen terminal.
A software procedure guides the operator through test procedure in a step by step sequence.
Operators can repeat or jump single tests according to their conveniences.
A test report can be printed out as ticket directly by the LCD terminal.
All test parameters can be inserted through LCD touch screen terminal.
The PLC can be connected to a Windows based PC for data recording and waveforms print out, to quickly catalogue all products in a database and scanning them by BAR-code or QR-code scanning.
This device is configured with a maximum valve length of 5500 mm, and with column inner clearance of 3000 mm, the flow axes height from soil is 3000 mm and is designed in a size of 6900 (L) x 3760 (P) x 2950(H) mm.
The rig could be completed with several options and accessories, please consult dedicated technical data sheets.

*Standard version is described. Test benches can be customized in any technical aspect in accord to client peferences.(Patent Pending)

  • Reaction force3000 TON
  • Columns inner clearance3000 mm
  • Flow axes height2400 mm
  • Lifters2x30 TON
  • Termination allowedBW, SW, RF, RJ
  • Clamping styleType 3 – Combined
  • Dimensions (mech)6900(L) x 3760(P) x 2950(H) mm