Vertical loading, inner radial seals (bore plugs)

Water immersion Gas test rig. It has been designed to discover bubble leakages in valves casting. A water vessel is vertically moved in order to save testing time.
A clamping system will let the operator place valves directly on testing position. An armored fairing system ensures operator safety in case of components ejecting.

  • Reaction force100 TON
  • Valve length max1000 mm
  • Valve length Min200 mm
  • Clearance between columns1000 mm
  • Vessel dimension750 (L) x 750 (D) x 1000 (H)
  • Camping styleType 2: Inner radial seal
  • Water vessel562 l.
  • Dimensions (mech)1150 (L) x 1900 (D) x 2810 (H)

* Working limits for SHELL TEST with INNER RADIAL SEAL